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Years of experience in tourism, have led me to want this property to better satisfy my desire to see the guests happy.

With the experience gained working in my country, Switzerland, I wanted to bring this magnificent land on my character and my passion for tourism.

My purpose is to make you live everything perfectly, every moment, every wish, everything must be perfect, but in a totally natural. No defect, no complaints. This is the challenge.

I could choose to be like others, to stand in the midst of something that is already well established, but instead I decided to follow the way of innovation, services and quality. I learned how to live at home and what are the amenities that you want when you're not home.

I noticed that in many cases, we forget that in the hotels should be able to rest comfortably, and then I focused on sleep quality with the choice of mattresses, pillows, and the sheets, that are in Egyptian cotton and satin. The top of quality.

I decided to avail myself of partners that are top in their field. Apple, Hermes, Nespresso, Twinings are just some of the suppliers of Palco, and I am proud to have bet on them, because I like being surrounded by the quality of their products.

Many of my colleagues asked if there was reason to raise it the shot in a city like Palermo, but evidently do not realize the treasure of art, culture and history that this city has, and, very often forget that we have the task to offer the best to our guests, to appreciate the richness of our capital.

Welcome to Palco, and we hope to be able to say ..... welcome back!




Stefania Ciaccio Hofmann