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Bio Breakfast


The morning hour will catches the worm ... even better if you eating a crispy slice of bread with organic jam (all organic).

We chose for you the best ingredients for breakfast.

Sicilian products to give you fresh jams, bakery products and sweets pastry, will give you a good start to every morning!
Wake up with a good Nespresso®, already prepared in your room using the capsules of Cru selected for you, or with a tea prepared with an infusion of 5 minutes with one of Twinings essences.

Then, if you want a full breakfast ... we wait you with a great buffet in the breakfast room.


Organic jams, cakes, croissants, pastries, cereals, fresh milk, Sicilian honey, yogurt and fresh fruit, and...... the famous granita, the Sicilian orange juice, almond fresh milk, and all you need to start the day with a breakfast made at home, with products tested to be healthy.